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Antics Guildford

Antics Guildford
Address: 89e Woodbridge Road, Guildford, Surrey GU1 4QD

Telephone: 01483 539115


Antics Guildford is now CLOSED

Data Source: Hornby Stockist
Model Shop Ratings
CriteriaCustomer Rating
Overall Rating 4/104.0/10

Not yet recommended
Antics Guildford is rated 4.0 out of 10 from 1 Reviews
I went into Antics in Guildford today for the first time ...
Overall Rating4/103.0/10
I went into Antics in Guildford today for the first time - it's normally always closed when I go over there. I have to say that I didnt think it was much cop. Half emtpy shelves and stuff all in a jumble. I had planned to pick up a nice rake of something, but seeing as the had hardly anything and what they did have they only had 1 of, I didnt bother. I walked to modelzone after and all the people that had been in Antics - and bought nothing - were all queing at the till in modelzone, with a few items each. Missed a trick there Antics me thinks.

Submitted By: Chris

Not Recommended Not Recommended
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